Authentic Korean Chinese Restaurant in NYC | Joong Koog Jip

Korean-Chinese is one of the most interesting and popular cuisines in the world. And, the reason behind this is really simple, it’s delicious and healthy. If you are thinking of relishing something mouth-watering, you can look for a Korean-Chinese restaurant for great food. We all must have tasted tofu once in our lifetime and in case, not this article can give you new goals to try it at least once.

It is an excellent source of amino acids, calcium, iron, and other micronutrients. It is derived from soya, so it is considered great for health. Actually, it is prepared by curdling fresh soya milk, then pressing it into a block and solidifying milk. After this, the liquid is separated, and the curds are then pressed to form a solid bond. It is considered staple ingredient for Chinese, it can be cooked in different ways to change its texture from soft and smooth to crisp and crunchy popular snack. You can visit a Korean Chinese restaurant in Flushing, NY to try something out-of the-box such as dong go baechu, pyogo busut jook soon, etc. First, let’s know a little about tofu.


Similar to several other soya foods, tofu was also originated in China. According to various culinarian or Legend, it was discovered about 2000 years ago by a Chinese cook who unintentionally curdled soy milk by adding nigari seaweed. And, his this mistake gave birth to tofu, which is now quite popular throughout the world. Since, that time there are countless of research has demonstrated the benefits of soya and tofu can provide. So, this ingredient is quite popular in Korean-Chinese restaurant in NYC.

Surely, there are various benefits of including it into a daily diet. Let’s explore some interesting advantages of this magical Chinese ingredient which is why it is creating too much of buzz in the culinary world:

Improves heart health

Slows down skin aging

Helps in cancer prevention

Prevents type 2 diabetes

Stops menopause-related disorders

Fights obesity and helps weight loss

Maintains blood pressure

Improves immune system

All these reasons indicate that tofu is a healthy option, and eating it can be a really helpful for health. And, the icing on the cake, there is a myriad of dishes that you can try and satisfy your palate at a Korean-Chinese restaurant. Here are few of them that can make you fall for tofu:

Mapo Tofu

Mapo tofu is a popular dish, which can be seen in the menu of various restaurants serving authentic Korean-Chinese food. It is a simple, yet delicious dish prepared with tofu, tossed in a hot and spicy bean-based sauce. This sauce gives tofu a completely new taste. Obviously, there are various variations of these dishes, but the base is the same.

Tangsu Tofu

This is a delicious dish with a delicate taste – creamy tofu tossed in a sweet and sour sauce. It is usually complemented by rice or noodles.

No doubt, tofu is not only a delicious ingredient, but also a healthy as well as versatile one that goes really well with almost all spices and vegetables. Interestingly, studies have suggested that high intake of soy-based products also prevents breast cancer. If you are looking for a tasty and healthy option, tofu is the answer. And, the most interesting thing you can do is try various tofu dishes at Korean-Chinese restaurant in NY.